Image description-8 people of various races standing with their arms at shoulder level on a lit stage. There is one person who uses a wheelchair who also has her arms raised to shoulder level. Everyone is dressed in earth-tone colours.

Image description-A woman in a wheelchair with glasses has a large ornamental set of wings being pulled behind her chair on wheels. Ring of Fire, 2014 Toronto Photo by Elaine Webster

Image description-Group of people wearing earth-tone colours. One person is a wheelchair-user, and everyone is reaching out towards the centre of a stage. Talking Movement-2011 Photo-Barry Roden

Image description-Two people in blue shirts. One person who uses a wheelchair is seated below the other person standing over her and pouring water from a jug. The person using a wheelchair is reaching up to touch the water, and is holding a large bowl full of water in a silver bowl. Photo by Younes... Continue Reading →

Image description-6 womem dancers wearing earth-toned clothing dance outside in the fall by a lake. 3 dancer's are standing, 2 are seated on chairs and one is on her knees on the grass. From Winding Our Way Home: Brain Injury, Belonging and Identity. Photo by Jordan Dunlop.

Image description-Three people are sitting together in a park. One is seated on the ground, one is in a chair and one person with blonde hair is in a wheelchair. From Winding Our Way Home: Brain Injury, Identity and Belonging. Photo by Jordan Dunlop

Woman in white outfit uses a wheelchair, and wears a large white mask while carrying behind her large ornamental wings. Groups of people are walking behind her wearing a similar outfit. Ring of Fire, 2015 Toronto, On

Image description-Two people in a park in the fall by a lake. One person is standing, the other uses a wheelchair to get around. Photo by Jordan Dunlop

Image description-A person with short hair, wearing polkadot shirt looks over a railing while sitting in a wheelchair. Below, man in a grey shirt and jeans looks up to the other person. Theatre Centre-Toronto-2005-Getting in Group-Melissa Addison-Webster and Kazumi Tsuruoka

Image desciption-Melissa Addison-Webster & Amelia Griffin dancing inside. One dancer uses a wheelchair, and is propped on a slight on angle on one side of her wheelchair by her fellow dancer. Both dancers have their arms out stretched. Rehearsal for Propeller Dance Photographer: Dave Chan

Image description-Two dancers are intertwined. One is standing, wearing a white t-shirt and grey pants, and the other person is in black, and uses a wheelchair. Melissa Addison-Webster & Peter Owusu-Ansah. Photographer: Diego Mendez

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